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Taking care of a beard has never been easier. There are all manner of tools in the market that you can use to maintain a healthy beard. However, you still need to get the technique if you hope to get the perfect beard.

Regardless of whether you are just growing your first beard or trying to take control of your wild mane, these techniques and tools should help you rein it in.

Here are some awesome hairstyle tips for you!


7) Practice Patience

do more in less timeTo get a truly awesome beard that matches your hairstyle, you will need patience. Resist the need to trim or style your beard for about six weeks.

The patience here allows your hair to grow in evenly. It is common knowledge that the hairs in some parts of your face grow faster than in others.

When you are sure all the hair has grown in, you can now start to style it. You will need to do this preferably over your vacation. It is especially so if you work in a busy office where you value your personal image. After all, you do not want people thinking of you as being unkempt. This is the most important of all hair styling tips and tricks.

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6) A Side Fringe Hairstyle Should Be Matched With a short and Shaggy Beard

This style is often called the Geek chic style. A short and shaggy beard accompanies a simple side fringe. It is especially appropriate if you are a youthful person. The beard is used to add a manly image to the hairstyle, which is a great way to stand out positively in a crowd.

However, the sides of the hair need to be even-headed. Otherwise, you may end up looking quite awkward. Besides that, the fringe needs to be long enough so that it can be swept to the side with ease. There is no minimum length on the top. You can grow it long or keep it as short as you would like. This one hairstyle tip can reinvent your looks like none other.

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5) If You Have Short and Slick Hair, Match it With a Stubble Beard

If you have short and slick hair, one of the best decisions you can make is it to have a stubble beard. This look works great for anyone trying to achieve a casual look with a hint of masculinity. This style works great for a party, the office, as well as for an outdoor adventure.

However, you must ensure that you pull it off in the right way. For instance, ensure that there is symmetry. That is why it is recommended that you have a stylist do it. He or she will definitely have years of experience, which you cannot achieve with your bathroom mirror.

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4) A Man Bun Goes Great with a Long Stubble

Man buns are in vogue right now. However, some people make the mistake of combining them with a full hipster beard. This has the effect of making you look unkempt instead of stylish. It seems that it has happened by coincidence due to your laziness to shave rather by planning.

It could be disastrous for you in an official setting. Your bosses might misconstrue it to mean that you are just a shabby person. This could have disastrous career advancement consequences. Be conscious of how you pull it off.

The long stable is a great way to contrast the full head of hair because of the man bun. However, avoid keeping the face without any beard. It could lead to a look that is neither pleasing nor attractive.

The point is to create gradual contrast. If you can have the long stubble and the man bun in different colors, it helps to add to the mystery. However, you must remember to dye your hair often. Otherwise, you will have multi-colored man bun, which just looks ridiculous. If you are planning to make a statement, then the multi-colored look will work.

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3) Combine the Buzz Cut With a Full Beard

This look is best pulled off in the summer when the temperatures are so high that maintaining a full head of hair becomes a burden. If you are looking to deal with the heat without losing your beard, a buzz cut works great.

If you want to maintain some great contrast, let the beard grow out first. You will need to ensure that you trim the beard as well. It is also important that you comb the beard as it grows so that it does not look shaggy.

You will only be able to pull off this look if you have a nice-looking beard that is maintained with the best trimming products in the market. Otherwise, you will end up looking shaggy in a bad way. If you have a beard and a buzz cut, keep in mind that attention will be drawn to your beard.

Thus, check it often for stuck bits of food or fabric. The last thing you want to do is look like a homeless person.


2) Match a Top Knot Hair Style with a Trimmed Beard

One of the people that have managed to pull off this look with remarkable success is Bradley Cooper. He was first spotted in this look in 2014, and it became an international hit from that moment. This is a great look for a busy professional who wishes to look stylish and keep things simple.

To make this work, you will need to trim your beard often. This will help to make the trendy top knot stand out. Take your time to trim the beard and ensure that it is even on both sides. To achieve this, you can use a beard-trimming stencil.
Alternatively, you can improvise with a cutout cardboard at home. The important thing is that you are able to achieve symmetry. You will also need to ensure that your beard looks healthy. A spotty beard will just make you look like a clown. If you have a hard time growing a good beard, consider using beard care products to revitalize the growth of your facial hair.


1) The Undercut With Any Beard Style

The undercut is another trendy hairstyle among men that works with almost any beard style. No matter what type of beard style you choose, you can pull it off with this hairstyle. In short, anything that you have ever thought of trying will work with this hairstyle.

If you are having a hard time picking a beard style, try this hairstyle and slowly go through all the beard styles you like. See what people say about it. However, if you decide to go with a long beard, ensure that you groom your hair well. Otherwise, you will just look untidy in a bad way.

Since the undercut has long portions of hair at the top, slick it back to ensure that your beard and hair look proportionate. It also shows that you take good care of yourself. Thus, it eliminates the notion of some people that you are just too lazy to trim your beard daily.



  1. The undercut goes with any beard style
  2. Match top knot hairstyle

Beards have come back in a big way. If you have enough patience and willpower, you can pull off a great look with a beard hairstyle combination. Use the seven hairstyle tips responsibly!

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