Cannabidiol (CBD) is a hot buzz word for good reasons as it is revolutionizing societies worldwide as governments are moving to legalize marijuana. It is also taking over advertisement feeds with links like that promote the natural health benefits of CBD oil in product and services. Here are seven crazy benefits of CBD oil that you might not have yet heard but will change your life for the better.   

1. CBD Is a Healthy Alternative to THC

CBD is a byproduct of cannabinoids, which is one of 104 chemical compounds produced from the cannabis sativa plant but better known socially as marijuana. While tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary component that causes a reactive high, CBD does not cause a psychedelic response, which is why its products are safe and reliable.

The high-quality of CBD products also make it a desirable option to drug altering pharmaceutical drugs as they are less restrictive than other marijuana products. As consumers have access nationally with little to no restriction, it is also safer because users do not need to obtain a prescription to purchase CBD online without oversight.

2. It Is a Proven Chronic Pain Reliever

There are numerous studies that prove that CBD oil produces chronic-pain relieving benefits. Moreover, a 2016 study called for those who work in the medical community to sidestep social restraints and policymakers to bring more attention to CBD oil as a healthy alternative to available treatments based on their knowledge of neurochemistry.

The science behind marijuana usage is not a new one as users have consumed it medicinally since 2900 B.C., which has not gone unnoticed by medical experts. As the body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that regulates neurotransmitters for pain, immunity, hunger and sleep, studies prove that CBD is more effective for pain relief.

3. Reduces Depression & Anxiety

As the reliance on pharmaceutical drugs become more prevalent in America, the medical community is looking to CBD to treat mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) cited depression as the single biggest global contributor to disability while anxiety placed sixth as global crisis it hoped to overcome by 2020.

While the focus on how best to counteract the reliance on the pharmaceutical industry is debatable because of their numerous side effects, support for the marijuana community has reached a fever pitch since CBD oil is harmless yet directly treats the symptoms of depression and anxiety by producing similar effects of antidepressants without a high.

4. CBD Can Alleviate Symptoms of Cancer

If you visit the National Cancer Institute’s website, it has an entire section dedicated to cannabis and cannabinoids. Its patients will be the first to tell you just how CBD has helped them overcome appetite suppression, pain and insomnia. Moreover, their data supports the overwhelming support of physicians who recommend CBD for symptoms.

There are also a number of pediatric cancer physicians who are promoting the use of CBD oil for symptom relief like chronic pain, nausea and vomiting. Because CBD does not contain any of the mind-altering drugs, it is also thought to be a highly respected alternative to counteract the side effects that chemotherapy patients endure long-term.

Other studies have shown that CBD oil along with THC reduces nausea, which is a critical component to health maintenance. Other studies have even suggested CBD has anticancer properties after giving animals concentrated amounts that induced breast cancer cell death. It the studies prove fruitful, it will revolutionize CBD in treatments.

5. CBD Reduces Skin Conditions Like Acne & Dryness

One of the most common skin conditions is acne, which affects about 10 percent of the population worldwide. While genetics, inflammation, oil secretion and sebum production can affect acne, recent CBD oil studies show that it may well be the answer to prevent breakouts since it contains anti-inflammatory properties that promote beautiful skin.

While you expect to see top-of-the-line beauty brands making headlines, recent reports included CBD oil as a must-have skin care product. From facial serums to creams and gels, consumers are buying CBD oil-containing beauty products to fight acne, dry skin and even wrinkles since dermatologists determined it reduces regular sebum activity.

6. CBD Oil Has Neuroprotectant & Antioxidant Compounds

Medical researchers have found that CBD oil offers users both neuroprotectant and antioxidant compounds that react to the endocannabinoid system and neurotransmitters, which would have a profound effect on neurological disorders like epilepsy. There is also evidence from the researchers to suggest CBD oil would also treat muscular disorders.  

A recent patent specifically found that cannabinoids are a viable treatment alternative for conditions like autoimmune diseases, inflammation, aging and atherosclerosis. Their results validate CBD oil products that are now available to neurological patients. Sativen contains CBD and THC and treats muscle spasms in patients with multiple sclerosis.

7. Promotes a Healthy Body & Mind

Some studies have also promoted CBD oil as an all-in-one product that promotes a completely healthy body and mind. As the studies cited in this article show, these researchers might be on to something because of the wide-ranging compounds like CBD found in marijuana plants. There are several ways CBD can elevate users’ health. CBD oil aids in:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Delivering antipsychotic benefits
  • Promoting antitumor properties
  • Improving blood & air circulation
  • Eradicating unhealthy cancer cells
  • Reducing the likelihood of getting diabetes
  • Reducing oxidated stressors in the body
  • Treating symptoms of mental conditions
  • Reducing dependence on prescription medication
  • Promoting a healthy heart from issues like ischemia

What is also apparent by the availability of numerous studies is that current research testing is ongoing to find new and innovative ways for CBD oil. The availability of quality products in the marketplace also reduces prescription medication dependency, which shows there is great support for the therapeutic uses because it provides a safe, natural alternative to treatment.

CBD oil research is at the forefront of discovery as there is more to learn from medical professionals, researchers, policymakers and user responses. Moreover, the availability of a natural remedy like CBD oil will lead to more efficient medical care as the list of body and mind health benefits further determines ways to revolutionize CBD medically and recreationally.



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