Research shows that the majority of young people keep their smartphones with them at all times. But why separate yourself from your device when there are so many apps that can help you lead a better life?

Apps assist us in many different areas, but these are just perfect if you’re looking for ways to keep yourself motivated and fully engaged in self-development. Here are 7 best apps to make you hotter, better, and more self-confident in 2017.


6 Week Training

If you need to get in shape asap, 6 Week Training free app is a perfect pick. You can choose from goals like 100 push-ups, 20 pull-ups, or 200 sit-ups. Pick a goal and take a quick test to evaluate your fitness level. The app will then provide you with daily workout programs to help you reach your goal.

After week two, four, and five, you will take an exhaustion test to see which level of the program is right for you during the following week. Nothing will keep you going like this app – you’ll be ready to hit the beach in no time.


iWOD Fitness

iWOD Fitness is another amazing workout app that features so much more than classic Crossfit workout plans. You’ll get your Crossfit fix with articles to help you get even more out of your training. You can start with setting one of the multiple CrossFit timers (tabata, interval and countdown).

If you’re getting ready to pump some iron, the Life Library will equip you with videos that show how to perform lifts correctly. All your WODs will be stored in the app, whether you’re doing a group workout or training on your own. Box Find is another amazing feature that will help you find Crossfit garages while you’re travelling.


Runtastic PRO

Another fantastic app to get you into shape, Runtastic Pro is full of features that will make your daily runs even more exciting. The GPS tracking app offers voice feedback on your current speed, calories burned, time, and other stats. You can program it to report on the data that really matters to you.

And if you’re looking for some extra challenge, you can download additional supplement apps from Runtastic fitness app collection for push-ups, pull-ups, sit ups or squats – they will all count your reps for you thanks to your smartphone sensor.


Cognitive Diary

Once you’ve taken care of your body, it’s time to take care of your mind. Personal growth and development are important, but sometimes problems prevent us from taking the next steps to reach fulfillment.

Cognitive Diary is an app that teaches users to see triggers and thought patterns that generally lead them to negative mindsets. The app is based on tools of cognitive behavior therapy and it was developed by a licensed practicing psychotherapist. You can be sure that your darkest secrets are kept from others thanks to a smart password protection. The app is just perfect if you’d like to work on your self-esteem.


Build Confidence

Build Confidence is full of self-improvement exercises and smart guided meditation features. All it takes is popping in your headphones and follow a program that aims to build self-esteem through guided meditation.

You will be more focused and attentive to what is positive in your life, and suffer less from stress and anxiety. The app features in various settings and modes that help to relax and drift into a deep healthy sleep.



If you find it hard to achieve short- or long-term goals, you need StickK. You can set goals by placing stakes that will act as an incentive. Then you sign the Commitment Contract that basically works like a binding agreement users sign with themselves to guarantee follow-through on their intentions.

The app is just perfect for motivation because it uses loss aversion and accountability to remind users that there they’re supposed to be working towards their goals. The psychological pressure created by the app is usually enough for users to stick with their plans, but if you need extra encouragement, you can even put money on the line. Achieving a goal gives a major boost to yourself esteem and confidence – and that’s the hottest state of mind.



If you need an exercise in focus and self discipline, Forest is for you. It will help you to identify what is important to you and then train to avoid distractions as you work toward self-improvement.

The app grows a virtual tree that becomes more beautiful with each moment that your focus. If you try to leave the app when it’s in the focused mode, the tree will die. You can see now why so many people use this app successfully at work to ensure that they don’t get caught up in distractions which increase anxiety and stress.

Mobile technologies have redefined many spheres of life: travelling, job-hunting, language learning, driving. They can also help us stay fit and take care of our mental hygiene. Try these apps and you’re bound to improve your mental and physical well-being to get to the place where your self-confidence and empowerment is at its highest.


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