online dating tips

dating tips

So you’ve decided to enter the world of online dating! Congratulations!

Today nearly one-quarter of Americans ages 22 to 34 are using online dating in some way. In addition, 5 percent of Americans who are married or in a committed relationship today say they met their partner online.

With so many people using online dating as a way to meet people, the competition may feel fierce. The best way to meet this challenge head on is with a great dating profile.

As simple as that may seem, there are some definitive ways that you can make your profile stand out from the crowd and attract the people that you are interested in.

If you’re ready to sign up on one of the best sites for online dating, start with these tips to create a stunning yet relatable profile that is sure to get results.

Your Profile Photo

Your profile photo could be the single most important aspect of your profile. Both men and women are highly visual, and if your profile picture doesn’t immediately pique interest, you could be swiped left or passed over to the next candidate.

You don’t need to hire a professional photographer and makeup artist, but do make sure that you look your best and that your photo is current.

Wear a flattering color and make sure that the background isn’t cluttered. Also be certain that you’re the only one in your main photo. Save the shots of you and your pet or your friends for a gallery.

And never, ever use a mirror selfie as a photo anywhere on your profile…. Just don’t.

Be Honest in Your Description

Some writers are currently making a good living by creating online dating profiles for people they’ve never met. Even if you’re not a writer, pen your profile description yourself, and be honest.

Talk openly about who you are and what kind of person you’d like to meet, but don’t go overboard. Keep it simple yet clear, this makes your profile readable and relatable.

Do offer as much pertinent information as you are comfortable with. Describe your hobbies, your interests, and your job, but also add details that make these mundane topics more descriptive.

For instance, if you love to travel mention one of your recent trips and how you might have enjoyed it more with a partner.

dating tips

Avoid Sensitive Topics

Your politics or religion at all costs. Even though they may be very important aspects of your life, not everyone shares your opinions or beliefs.

If your profile contains too much information about these subjects you’ve just marginalized yourself and you may not receive as many responses as you’d like.

A subtle mention of your faith or your preference for a particular political party is fine, but keep it simple. If someone shares your way of thinking they might become curious and reach out, at which point you can then discuss those issues in further detail.

Proofread Everything

Again, you don’t have to be a gifted writer but profiles that are riddled with spelling and grammatical errors are a sure sign that you’ll be passed over more often than not.

A badly proofed profile may indicate that your attention to detail is lacking, and some may find that to be a turn-off.

Use your computer’s spelling or grammar check functions, but also ask a friend to read your profile before you post it.

An outsider’s perspective can help spot errors, and he or she may also be able to suggest some pertinent information about you that might have been left out.

Ask Questions

While your dating profile is obviously meant to be about you, it absolutely doesn’t hurt to ask some questions for those who read it.

Why not prepare a list that includes queries about favorites books and movies, a dream destination for a fabulous trip, or what they think constitutes the perfect date. You could even ask your potential date to answer the questions in a quiz format, which makes for a great talking point when you meet in person.

Not only does this indicate that you’re not only interested in presenting yourself in the best light, but it also shows that you’re interested in other people, and that’s always attractive.’

In Conclusion

The world of dating has changed, and online dating has been at the forefront of that change for several years. If you’re ready to put yourself out there and delve into the world of online dating, use these tips to make sure that you put your best profile forward.



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