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The phrase ‘so fresh, so clean’ usually applies to one’s attire, but for the gentleman that truly wants to go the extra mile, it should extend to the very place where they store their dapper apparel.

Threads for Gents not only provides men with the best coverage when it comes to maintaining a well-polished appearance but includes advice on how to keep your closet in pristine condition. Under our tutelage, you’ll never have to worry about the status of the contents in your wardrobe ever again.

The Time Is Now


If you’re wondering when is the best time to get down to the business of cleaning out your closet, the answer is simple: there’s no time like the present.

The sooner you clear it out and get everything in order, the sooner you can feel at ease knowing that your clothes and accessories will be free of the mildew, grime, and other forms of bacteria that can plague many a closet, resulting in odors.

So to begin, the most effective way to ensure that your closet is clean is to remove everything, begin from scratch, and then disinfect your way to cleanliness. Once you’ve removed all articles of clothing, your collection of shoes, ties, hats, and storage containers, you will be able to see exactly which areas need attention.

Cleanliness Is Next to Gentlemanliness


You’re the king of your castle and that kingdom extends to your closet’s cleanliness, so don’t neglect it! Closet space is especially prone to odors that the rest of your home never suffer from because of poor ventilation.

To combat stuffiness, mold, animal excrement and other questionable aromas, follow these guidelines and maintain the regality of your realm – every nook and cranny.

To eradicate that stuffy smell, invest in some scented cedar blocks. Not only are they organic and far more appealing than the clinical smell of mothballs, but they will liven up the air in the room dramatically.

Also, don’t throw away those shoe boxes! Instead, keep a few and make it a part of your normal routine to place shoes back in their boxes after use. If you suffer from athlete’s foot, a bit of baking powder sprinkled in your shoes will go a long way towards eliminating pesky odors that can potentially offend.

Just because you own a smoker’s jacket, it doesn’t mean your jacket or closet have to smell like a pack of Marlboro’s. Everyone knows smoke stays in clothes forever and a day, but there are a few tricks to rid a closet of the smell.

A traditional approach that has been used for generations is neutralizing the air with white vinegar, a common household item. Simply mix half a cup with warm water, then wipe down the shelves, corners, walls, and the floors of the closet. For carpeted floors, opt to sprinkle baking soda all over, allowing it to marinate for an hour before running a vacuum over it. Voila! Presto! Odors gone!

Once the element of funk has been removed from your closet, you can now move on to the more fun part: deciding what stays in your realm and what gets exiled.

Wear It Well or Not at All


Like most men, there are clothes that we wear often, apparel for special occasions, and also clothing that for whatever reason never leaves the closet. To maximize the cleanliness and well-heeled look of a clutter-free gentleman, go through your entire collection of clothes, shoes, and accessories, systematically removing the items that you rarely (or never) wear.

A great way to know which clothes you wear most often involves hanging pieces using the reverse hanger trick. After a few months, you will know which clothes have won their way into your permanent stash. The rest?

Donate to an up and coming gentleman or your local charity in the grand tradition of paying it forward.

To Keep, To Have, and To Hold


Now that you’ve donated the extra clothing to some lucky gent, it’s time to concentrate on what’s left – the best of the rest. These items should be the ones that flatter you in every way, fit you today (not once you lose a few pounds or bulk up in the gym), and are in peak condition.

The only asterisk to this would be those clothes that need repairing that fall into the ‘keep’ category. So hold on to those impressive jackets that need a new button or two, or those leather shoes that need to be re-soled.

Accessories to Incorporate into Your Closet


When it comes to tidying up your closet, it doesn’t take a village, but what it does take are a few accessories in order to execute it correctly. If you’ve invested good money in good clothes, why skimp when it comes to the upkeep? There are a few necessities that, if not already included, should be featured in your closet.

First and foremost, a stackable organizer is a must, along with a bow tie and belt rack for a collection you may have sprawled around across several drawers. Also, obtain a cap holder and a shoe organizer for those shoes that are clean and don’t leave a smell. Note: if the shoes are prone to smell, either from the gym or yard work, get boxes for them.

Final Pointers

Items in your closet that are not worn during the current season can be stored elsewhere to maximize the space in your closet. That includes winter caps and coats, camping/hiking apparel, and ski-wear that can use up more space than you think.

To keep your clothes in their immaculate condition, be sure to use proper hangers. That equates to wide hangers for your coats and suits, pant hangers for your dress pants.

Since your closet is akin to your mini-sanctuary, keep it as tidy as possible by having a designated place for everything in it. The gent that manages to conquer his closet space is destined to rule the sartorial world at large.

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