While many health and fitness clubs employ personal trainers who quickly build a loyal following, a great number of professional trainers are finding that they can offer more customized services by striking it out on their own. Not only can they have greater freedom when scheduling appointments, but they aren’t confined to ‘selling’ products and services offered at the club they work for. This has been one of the biggest issues facing truly good personal trainers.

For example, a fitness club sells one line of supplements, but you know there are better and healthier products on the market. Being self-employed allows you greater freedom but it has its downsides as well. One area of concern is often marketing. Who, after all, has money to compete with some of the bigger clubs in your area? If you are competing with the big guys, here are 5 marketing tips that can help you quickly grow a loyal clientele.

1. Offer a Rewards Program

There is nothing like word of mouth in the world of fitness. As your clients progress and meet their goals, try offering them an incentive to recommend you to their friends, family, and coworkers. You can choose to give them free sessions, discounted rates or any other thing which may cost nothing more than your time. Loyalty rewards programs have proven to be quite effective, so this is one you should try no matter where else you spend your advertising dollars.

2. Get Social

Choose two or three social media sites and get social. There is no quicker way to build a following than on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In fact, since YouTube is the second largest social site as well as being the second largest search engine, why not put up a few fitness videos to give potential clients a taste of what they will be getting with you as their trainer?

3. Invest in Promotional Freebies

One of the freebies which many personal trainers invest in is a custom printed water bottle. However, if you find that is too expensive, you can always order a case of transparent stickers which you can stick on the glass or bottle of your choice. From simple logos to more sophisticated graphics and text, give every new client a promotional item and that will help advertise your services to anyone who happens to see that item.

4. Talk to People You Meet

Don’t forget to keep that big smile on your face every time you leave your home and make it a habit to strike up conversations with anyone you meet throughout the day. Invariably you will be asked what it is you do for a living and this gives you an opening to talk about your personal trainer business.

5. Offer Free Mini Sessions

One last marketing tip would be to offer free mini sessions to prospective clients. When they come in to talk to you about what you have to offer, give them a live, on-the-spot mini session to show them how to work on the problem areas they are trying to address.

It doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to get your name out there, but it will take effort on your part. Stick with it and before long you will have a strong and loyal clientele who are more than happy to talk about what they have accomplished. Try these marketing tips and see for yourself just how quickly you can find enough clients to fill your schedule.


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