life lessons

life lessons

If you are in the beginning stages of career development, you know how important it is to remain open-minded to learning.

The fact is: if you stop learning or even prove to be difficult to teach, employers could consider you a high-risk hire. The same thing can happen midway through or near the end of your working career.

Learning also affects your personal relationships. Stop listening to and learning new things about the people in your life, and you could miss important cues and ultimately offend or upset your friends and family without even realizing it.

An important component of ongoing learning is curiosity. Perhaps this is why Clay Bedford said, “You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.” This means you have to admit that there’s still so much you don’t know.

Continual learning requires you to believe that learning something new (i.e. a new way to relate to loved ones, what’s behind the growth of NYC photography classes, how to cook an exotic Persian food dish) will enrich your life.

Your brain loves it when you keep learning.

To get the most out of a new lesson, you’ll want to go with an area that will help you to achieve a goal, allow you to use your passion, and facilitate skill development that will assist you in your current career or in your personal relationships. Your brain will appreciate your efforts. Learning to read alone improves brain functioning.

Here are five life lessons that could easily strengthen your brain and help you achieve a goal, use your passion, and learn new skills:

1) Learn how to speak a language you admire

Let’s say you took a French or Spanish language course when you were a kid in school, or maybe you took an Italian language course when you were in college. Back then, you didn’t focus on the course as much as you could have, so much so that you’ve forgotten what you learned. Yet, you still have a desire to learn that language. Why not sign up for a course at a community college or start listening to audiotapes until you master a new language?

2) Go mountain climbing

Through mountain climbing, you may grow closer to nature, start eating healthy again, and make exercise a part of your daily routine. Mountain climbing also helps you to overcome fears and start to realize how capable you are.

You could learn how to mountain climb by joining a mountain climbing sports club, reading up on the sport, and going out on small expeditions with local climbers.

3) Forgive someone you have held a grudge against for several years (this person just might be yourself)

Pulling this off might call for meditation, prayer and a great deal of honest introspection. Steps you could take to learn to forgive also include writing in a journal and writing a letter to yourself or someone about one or more issues you’re struggling to let go of. Working with a licensed psychotherapist is another way you could learn to forgive.

This life lesson could free up your energy, so you can focus on what you really want to accomplish.

4) Participate in a major global event in a foreign country (i.e. Easter celebrations, New Year’s Day celebrations)

You might even decide to stay in a foreign country for several weeks. It’s a great way to make friends, use the new language you’ve learned, and enjoy dining on great ethnic cuisine. Be sure to take lots of digital pictures while you’re traveling and living abroad. You can always share them with your family, friends, and colleagues.

5) Learn how to capture photos like a pro

Some photography classes are offered online. Take photography courses and you could learn how to take pictures using different types of cameras, which lenses to use to capture close-ups versus long distance shots, and how to develop negatives. Differences between nighttime and daytime pictures are other topics covered during photography classes.

Los Angeles, Austin, and NYC photography classes are especially easy to come by due to cities’ artsy urban nature. Pay attention to scheduling and rescheduling policies at photography schools as well as courses taught by private professional photographers.

In Conclusion

Have fun as you learn these life lessons and give yourself permission to make mistakes. Remember you’re learning something new – something that could enrich your life in surprising ways.

Who knows? After you learn these five lessons, you might be ready to acquire even more talents and skills.

Give yourself time to learn each new skill wholeheartedly, so you don’t become frustrated or feel pressured to learn at a faster than comfortable pace. After all, part of the joy of learning something new has to do with the learning process itself.

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