Inspiration is everywhere, but its easy to lose track of it in our everyday lives. We often feel like giving up or lose sight of what we really want.

Here are 5 videos that will get you back on track, and that will truly move and inspire.


This first video is one of the most inspiring pieces of footage I have come across. It not only shows that with determination you can accomplish anything, but It is a powerful display of positive human nature. Just one of the most moving acts you will ever watch.


This is the story of Patrick Hughes. Patrick was born blind and crippled and has become an incredible musician. His outlook on life while in his conditions is incredible and is something that we all can learn from. Not only that, his father, who works a graveyard shift at UPS in order to help his son accomplish his dreams, is one of the most loving committed fathers I have ever seen. It is truly a beautiful piece.


Mathias Steiner promised his wife he would win the gold medal in the 2008 Olympics. Tragically she died one month before the games began.

In this video Mathias faces a lift more than 10kg than he has ever lifted, for the gold medal. His determination is infectious and an absolute inspiration.


And finally, if your not already there, this video will get you going. This video and message speaks to me so strongly I don’t even want to go to bed the night after I hear it. How bad do you want it?

The videos speak for themselves. But if there’s one thing that I can take from all this its that.

[quote]”When you want success as bad as you want to breath, that’s when you will be successful.”[/quote]


  1. I’ve only seen the last one you posted before. But these were all great.

    I really liked the weight-lifting one…. brought a tear to my eye.

    thanks for the post


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