5 Grooming Mistakes for Men to Avoid

While some may argue that beauty is not everything, that’s no excuse not to take good care of your body and how you look. Everyone wants to give off a great first impression and a neat and tidy look.

By putting a little extra effort into grooming you can not only achieve that goal but also keep yourself healthy. You can prevent many problems that set in with time that way too. You may not want to think about it now, but the version of you in 10 years’ time from now will wish that you would have had.

If you thought that beauty naps, facial masks and creams were only for the ladies, you were mistaken. It can take nearly as much as it would take a woman to look well-groomed and bring out the best in you. There are many aspects of male grooming that so many individuals either don’t know or do not bother applying.

You may not know it but your skin needs special care more often than not – a self-respecting man will take good care of his skin to prevent wrinkling, clogged pores, greasy face or rashes.

Your hair needs more attention than just a quick cleanse and rinse with a regular shampoo to keep its shine few years from now on too. And not to forget just what a difference there is between a good-looking, rugged but stylish beard and a badly taken care of one.

Here is our list of top 5 grooming mistakes many men make, along with their respective solutions.

1. Forgetting Your Nose and Ear Hair.

Overgrown nose and ear hair is a classic depiction of unkempt characters in comedy and cartoon creations. While it should not be completely removed as it serves a relevant biological function, many men end up disregarding the upsetting effect that it really has on your overall look. The strands of nose and ear hair should remain INSIDE them and never peek out.

How to fix it: the easiest way to handle these hairs is a trimmer. There are devices specifically built to remove them, but in the case that you don’t want to purchase one you can also use general all-in-one groomers. You should always be careful when maneuvering these gadgets as they can scratch or cut the inside of your nose. Ingrown hairs sometimes happen after clipping nose hairs; they should be delicately handled by using warm, damp cloths to ease the hairs’ way out.

2. Allowing Body Hair to be the Way Nature Gifted It to You

Numerous men do not resort to removing the hair off of various parts of their bodies because of a common misconception. While a man’s body should in no circumstance resemble a woman’s when it comes to body hair, sometimes too much is too much. Your masculinity will not dim if you trim your chest hair a little.

How to fix it: depending on your particular situation, there are 4 options you can resort to – trimming, shaving, waxing and laser removal. Not all the parts of your body require complete removal; sometimes just thinning out your chest or back hair should be enough.

Waxing will make hair grow back thinner with time, but it’s not advisable for your entire body. The most common and often practiced method remains trimming – all you require is a professional trimmer with customizable settings that allow you to select the desired level. Laser removal is a more expensive option but only needs to be performed approximately once a year.

3. Shaving Done wrong

Shaving is the kind of chore that nowadays you just can’t wait to be done with; consequentially, it ends up being rushed and badly done in most cases. The several-day old stubble you get looks very attractive in photos, but in reality only a few men will be able to sport an actual good-looking one.

Dry shaving can irritate the skin or give you rashes and it will never allow you to clear the hairs off your face completely. Even worse, some men are not aware of the importance a new razorblade holds when shaving. If you have been using your razor for longer than 1-2 weeks, chances are it won’t manage to cut your facial hair evenly or even worse, cut your skin in places.

How to fix it: firstly – and very much self-explanatory – always regularly change your razorblade. While it may not be visible with the naked eye, the thin blades do wear out relatively easy. 2 weeks is the absolute maximum you should ever hold onto a razor blade for.

When shaving, you should never start off right away. The proper way to do it is to clean the skin beforehand by washing it with warmer water to soften the hairs and applying face soap products to remove impurities and grease. You should always use shaving cream as it drastically reduces the chances of damage to the skin and incorrect hair removal. Apply a moisturizer suitable for your type of skin after shaving.

4. Losing control of your facial hair

There’s nothing that spells masculinity better than a beard. But allowing it to grow the way it wants with no concern will earn you an unkempt look and rough hairs sticking out irregularly. If you’re the unlucky owner of a beard cowlick, keeping it in line with the rest of your beard will be difficult.

How to fix it: the easiest solution is unequivocally opting for a barber’s services. Another person’s hand and perspective will always do a better job. In addition, barbers will know what kind of trim suits you best and how to make it perfect too.

However, if you’re brave enough and think you can handle it in the comfort of your home your primary tool will be a trimmer, followed by a beard brush and beard shampoo & conditioner. Depending on the shape of your face, certain types of beards may look better than others. Well-defined lines and a smooth and combed overall look of your beard should be your primary objectives if you want to sport a well-groomed beard.

5. Overusing cologne and hair styling products

Smelling good from dawn until evening is great. Simultaneously, there’s nothing wrong with giving your fresh haircut a little bit of a catch using hair styling products such as gels and hairspray.

But when the people you’re sharing the elevator with are getting light headed from the strength of your scent and your hair looks stiff as a board, we’ve got a problem. A good grooming is never about quantity, but about quality.

How to fix it: styling may prove to be a little difficult depending on your type of hair. If your hairs are thin and soft, you could have a harder time to make them stay the way you want them.

Instead of sticking pounds of gel in it to achieve the expected results, you should first consider a treatment that will – over time – thicken and strengthen your hair. In terms of actual styling, it’s a far better idea to opt for lighter products that can be applied in moderate amounts – they will give you the wanted effect and not make your hair look like it’s made of plastic.

Cologne should always fall into one’s common sense when applying. With stronger scents 3 spritzes should be more than enough: apply one on each wrist and the last one on the chest area.

Rub your wrists together and then against each side of your neck – that should suffice. Do keep in mind that certain brands of cologne will be stronger than others and your skin’s pH levels may alter the fragrance. When purchasing cologne you should never rely on what you can smell on the paper samples as the differences can be immense.


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