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According to Harvard Medical School, having great abs does not only make you more attractive. Conditioning your core muscles also improves your posture, boosts your general health, and even increases the efficiency of your workouts. However, getting the 6-pack millions of men dream about is very hard. It’s also a gradual process that requires a continuous and consistent effort. A few simple lifestyle, diet, and workout changes can help you get well-defined abs faster so you can show them off come summer.

5 Tips for a 6-Pack: Lifestyle, Diet, and Exercise for Defining Your Abs

1. Get the right amount of protein

Protein is an essential nutrient for everyone, but even more so for those trying to change the shape of their bodies. It’s the ‘building blocks’ of muscle tissue, so it’s essential to get sufficient protein to actually ‘grow’ the abs you want to have. Note that dieting will only help you shed excess fat, it’s eating protein and doing specific exercises that will shape your abs.

However, eating too much protein can slow down the weight loss process entirely. Therefore, it’s important not to exceed the 0.8-1 gram of protein per 1 pound of lean mass limit. Keep this in mind when planning your diet, especially when you add sports drinks and the like into it. These products usually contain huge amounts of protein, so you’ll have to cut down on it in your regular meals.


2.Take appetite suppressors

Not all weight loss supplements will do when your goal is getting a 6-pack. Appetite suppressors with a side of caffeine and capsaicin will be your best choice of diet pills for men. This particular type of supplement will help you control your calorie-intake and reduce the feeling of hunger, which is sure to pop up when you start exercising more.

Capsaicin and caffeine offer additional benefits because they help speed up the fat burning process naturally. Capsaicin, in particular, boosts the benefits of physical exercise (PLoS One study).


3. Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is essential for weight loss and your health in general because it allows your body to rest and do some muscle growth. You need to get no less than 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep daily to have your body functioning at its best.

Sleeping well every night will help boost the effects of your appetite suppression supplements. Not getting enough rest mucks up the chemistry of your brain and reduces the feeling of satiation. This leads to you eating more as your body stops recognizing when it’s had enough


4. Lift weights more often

Strength training is one of the best practices for getting a 6-pack. Lifting weighting engages your core no matter the exercise and thus helps tighten those abs. Resistance training is very effective for weight loss because it naturally boosts your metabolism to the max.

You’ll need to have at least three weightlifting sessions a week to get the best results fast. When you get used to the workout, have one every day you exercise. However, target a different group of muscles every time. Your body will need at least 2-3 days to recuperate and grow new muscle tissue.

5. Get 5-6 meals in

The main rule of an abs-defining diet is to eat a little but when you need it. Intense workouts will make you more hungry and increase your physiological need for nutrition. Supplements can help control the feeling of hunger so you don’t overeat. However, you have to provide your body with adequate nutrition.

Do this through small meals distributed evenly throughout the day as this will help keep your metabolism high at all times. Therefore, you will literally burn off some fat even while resting.

Remember, to have well-defined abs you need to work on them every day. Even one slip in diet, a sleepless night, or being too lazy during a workout will undo days of hard work.


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