4 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend a Car Girl

Men have a legendary attachment to their cars. So attached that some women even start to consider their partner’s automobiles as a formidable rival in the battle for the man’s love and attention. While owning a good car can make women romantically attracted to you it can be a cause of conflict once you both commit to the relationship.
As a guy, you have to strike the right balance between the amount of time and level of dedication you devote to your automobile and how much love and affection you shower your girlfriend or wife with. What better way than to make your girl just as passionate about cars as you. The following are some of the ways you can do that.

Give Her Your Car Keys

By the time you both commit to the relationship, your girl already realizes how important your car is to your life. On this basis, few things will demonstrate your love and commitment to her more than giving her your car keys. It’s a sign that you trust her enough to give her unlimited access to the things you value the most.
It could be that she doesn’t have as much interest in cars simply because she hasn’t owned one. But even she has her own car, giving her your own gives her a brand new experience and can be the foundation for a lively conversation on automobiles.

Get Her in a Superfast Car

We all (at least most of us) love adventure. It’s why we travel and constantly seek new experiences. Getting that adrenalin pumping may feel scary in the moment but it’s a pretty nice feeling. Such exhilarating experiences are seldom forgotten but are instead permanently etched in our memories.
You can achieve this adrenalin hit by getting your girl into a fast car. You’ll have a head start if you already own a muscle car. All is not lost even if you do not have one though. There’s probably a race track not too far from you live where you can briefly ride a race car for a fee. She’ll be terrified but it may be just what you need to initiate her into the cult of cars.

Inundate Her with Car Trivia

Now make no mistake. This is one thing that could go horribly wrong. The avalanche of information and the random injection of car facts in virtually every little conversation could create a degree of awkwardness and irritation that eventually makes car topics unbearable and repulsive for her.
But if you strike the right balance and make the most of every meaningful opportunity to throw in some interesting stats on cars, you could slowly rope her in. Make sure the facts are simple, clear and relatable for a person who has no interest at all in motoring. It’s difficult to escape jargon in car conversation so whatever unfamiliar terms you use must be immediately explained.

Connect Her with Girls Who Love Cars

There’s few things that are more effective in influencing desired behavior than some good old peer pressure. Girls may be stereotyped as completely disinterested in cars but this is just that: a stereotype. If you look closely at your circle of family, friends, work colleagues and neighbors, you ‘ll probably discover that there are a lot more car-obsessed women around you than you realize.
Your girlfriend might see you as just another man trying to impose their hobbies and mansplain random stuff. She’ll see things differently when around women who are crazy about cars. Find opportunities to introduce her to women who share your passion. Encourage them to hang out in your absence and you’ll eventually start to see the impact.
You could also introduce her to female car enthusiast websites such as CHICMOTO, motor with confidence.
Let’s face it, your girlfriend will probably not love cars as much as you do despite your best efforts. Still, even if you raise her interest to be half as much as yours, it could augur well for your relationship in the long-term.

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