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Too many people think that when it comes to the groom’s attire for the big day, all he has to do is to simply  “pick out a suit.” But by no means is picking out the perfect suit an easy mission.

Cut, size, color, style – there are many factors that have to be considered before the right suit is finally chosen so that the groom can stand by the aisle with his attire on point.

This article aims to enlighten soon-to-be grooms with the different choices they have when it comes to what they can wear. Here are four types of suits that will hopefully aid them in making their decision.

The Tuxedo

Ah, the timeless tuxedo. A classic piece of formal clothing that effortlessly combines elegance and style, it has the stood the test of time for a reason and is usually considered the traditional choice for a wedding. But times have changed, and as fashion evolves with trends, so has the tux.

Instead of tuxedos coming in the usual definitive black or lavish white, they now are available in different colors and shades such as light gray, navy, or even beige. There have been modern adaptations to its cut as well, aiming to provide the groom with a slimmer, polished, and sleeker look. The tuxedo is one that will never fail you in weddings with a classic formal theme.


The Suit

The suit is the tux’s more casual and well-rounded younger brother. It’s more versatile yet it retains an air of formality. It’s more fun yet it’s still considered to be a classic.

Although a suit may look similar to a tux, they do have notable differences. The biggest physical difference between the two is that a tuxedo often uses satin on its lapels, pocket trim, and buttons, while a regular suit does not.

Unlike the tux, it can be mixed and matched with different items such as a funky bow tie, a slick sweater, or a pair of complementing cufflinks. Wearing a suit, you can even forgo wearing a tie entirely to achieve a more modern and relaxed look.


The Navy Blue

Colored suits are becoming increasingly popular, but the king of them has got to be navy blue. Not as wild as purple and not as reserved as black, it works best when the groom wants a tad bit of color to subdue the tension that comes with formality.

Paired with the right tie,  navy blue suit says, “let’s have a blast, but still remain cool, composed, and classy.” Whether it be an afternoon garden wedding or an elegant one in a swanky hotel, it does the job, and adds a hint of flare while it’s at it.


The Casual Separates

There is a world of choices when you opt to go for separates. You can pair a sports coat with laidback jeans, a plaid shirt and a themed blazer with casual chinos, a semi-formal jacket with a pair of your favorite sneakers, handkerchiefs, suspenders, stripes, checks, matching colors – the possibilities are endless.

Just be sure to match what you’re wearing with your soon-to-be wife’s outfit. You don’t want her to look over-dressed when standing beside you. Going for casual separates is the best route to take for informal, themed, and unorthodox weddings.

Let these tips serve as guidelines that aim to help you make a decision of what you should be wearing. These are not strict laws that can’t be broken. When it comes to picking out a suit for your wedding, it’s best to choose one that makes you happy. Your wedding day is for you and your significant other, after all.


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