By now you’ve probably heard the importance of morning exercise. Aside from allowing our bodies to warm up for the day ahead, it releases a cascade of feel-good hormones, oxygenates our cells, and helps us achieve deeper sleep at night.

But what if I told you that you don’t need to go for a 5-mile run first thing every morning? What if I told you that you could get an amazing workout from home and that it offers benefits unlike any other form of exercise out there?

If you’re not convinced that using a simple rebounder could really be so beneficial, consider the following.

1. It’s a Full Body Detox

Our bodies require movement to operate effectively, plain and simple. One of the biggest benefits of using a rebounder is the effect it has on the lymphatic system.

Unlike other systems in our bodies, our lymphatic system relies on movement and gravity to do it’s job. Nowhere is this more effective than when we use a rebounder.

When jumping on a rebounder, you’re continuously compressing then expanding every cell of your body. Not only is this detoxifying on the cellular level, but you’re stimulating the lymphatic system to pump out all the toxins and get things in motion.


2. It’s Low-Impact

Another great benefit of using a rebounder is that it spares your joints the orthopedic stress that many other forms of exercise inflict.

I’ll never tell someone not to take up running, but there’s no denying the overuse injuries that are often seen with such activities. It’s taxing on our structures to push multiple times our body weight onto a hard surface over and over again.

With rebounding, all of that is taken out of the equation. It allows you to active muscle, drive in nutrients, and increase strength and stability while avoiding high-impact stress.

The older you are, the more I would recommend rebounding as part of a daily routine. As we age, we often become less structurally stable which leads to a whole host of other problems. Rebounding will ensure that your joints, muscles, and all connective tissues stay strong and pliable.

3. It Builds Bone Density

What if I told you NASA used rebounding as a way to rebuild bone density in astronauts returning from space? Well, believe it.

“Wolff’s Law” states that bone in a healthy person or animal will adapt to the loads under which it is placed. It’s the same reason resistance exercise is great for maintaining bone strength.

The compression forces you put your bones under during rebounding is unparalleled for creating and maintaining strong, healthy bones. This is extremely important for a number of reasons and is especially crucial as we age.

muscle tension

4. It Releases Muscular Tension

Perhaps the most immediate benefit you’ll see from using a rebounder is how great it is for releasing muscular tension and tightness.

Once again, it is the repetitive compression forces at work which will help allow your body to relieve tension and loosen up.

Contracting and relaxing your muscles in such a manner will help move energy through the body that might otherwise be stagnant. This is a great benefit for those who suffer from tight, achy muscles or tension headaches.

While I would encourage anyone to take up most any form of exercise, rebounding offers a few unique benefits all it’s own.

So do yourself a favor and give it a try. The risk is low, but the reward is guaranteed.


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