Here it comes again… February 14th is approaching, and many men will share that familiar feeling of despair as they sense the expectations of their partners and, indeed, of society in general. Coming up with a fun, original, romantic idea for something to do on Valentine’s Day is difficult enough in itself, but when times are hard your options become severely limited by the amount of cash you have available to spend. There’s no way of buying yourself out of this bind: you’re going to have to use imagination.

Well, the good news is that, unless your partner is the type of person that expects an impressive price tag attached to their date night (and if so, who needs’em?), a thoughtful itinerary and your smoldering personality are all you need. In fact, if your partner’s just as broke as you, setting out for a V-day adventure on a budget can be a romantic endeavor in itself. If he or she likes a drink, why not kick the evening off with a free tour of a brewery or winery? It’s a great way to warm the blood and have a giggle as you both pretend you’re seriously interested in buying a crate or two at the other end.

Or if you’re arty types, why not express yourselves with a photo shoot in your own home? Set up some scenery and your favorite outfits (they needn’t be suitable for public display!) and try setting each other some fancy poses to assume, before putting the camera timer to work and getting some nice portraits of the pair of you.

These are just a couple of ways you can get great value on Valentine’s Day by making the most of what makes you special as a couple: each other. There are dozens more great ideas to check out on this guide from Quid Corner, so you’re sure to find something that suits both of you. Just don’t forget date!


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