3 Websites to Improve Writing Skills Online

Have you ever been in a situation where you struggled to write an essay for university and the deadline was looming just around the corner? Maybe you did put the words on paper, but since English is not your native language, you were always anxious about your grammar? Or maybe you just really want to up your writing game, come back to the drawing board and learn the fundamentals of what it means to be a good writer?

No matter the problem, you would be relieved to know that there are currently solutions online that can help you with pretty much any issue you have with writing, be it finishing touches and grammar, or complete outsourcing of the whole thing.

Without further ado, I compiled a list of 3 websites that can relieve you from the pains that come with writing.


Custom Writings

As the name entails Custom Writings allows you unburden you from the need to put the pen to paper yourself. All you have to do is deliver the basic requirements for the paper you’re intending to write and relax, knowing that your work is in the hands of professionals. Depending on your intentions, this can form a basis for your own work or could be the work itself… Up to you!

Is it ethical you ask?

Think of it as you think about getting help from the third party to fix your computer – you could do it yourself, but if you leave it to professionals who fixed a number of computers in the past you know you are getting the work done hassle free.

I wish I had known this service when I was a student.

An essay written by a professional would be an absolute blessing for me during those times of struggle.

What if the essay sucks you ask?

Well, they come to your email box as a draft first so you can check them out if you don’t like what you see you are covered by 100% money back guarantee!

In the end, you get the fully formatted paper along with references delivered straight into your inbox.



Next one on the list is Grammarly. If you do want to write your paper, but you struggle with the final touches, say missing articles, repetitive words, or improper use of commas – Grammarly will be your friend.

This one is especially useful if your native language is not English and all the finer aspects of that language are still confusing to you, but pretty obvious to people who are natives. I can’t tell you how many times I was unsure about the proper use of a comma or an article despite knowing English pretty well.

Grammarly will save your ass time and time again and it will do it for free as it comes as a free Chrome extension. For those who wish to take their writing to the next level, there is a small monthly fee associated with it but those who wish to stick with a free version, Grammarly will not push you to upgrade every day so make sure to add it to your extensions asap!


The Purdue Online Writing Lab

Last on our list we have The Purdue Online Writing Lab. If you’re truly looking to develop your writing skills and are not interested in any shortcuts this is the place for you. Here you can go back to the drawing board and sharpen the saw of your writing skills.

Would you like to learn about grammar? Improve your writing style? Become a professional writer? Here you can find all the resources in one place. This route may not be the fastest, but it can be the most rewarding as your improved writing skills will stay with you for life.

Think of Purdue Online Writing Lab as an online writing university with lots of resources at your disposal that will allow you to take your writing to the next level.



No matter what your writing needs are, you can always find an online. If you would like to fully outsource it as you are a pressed for time student you can do it for a relatively cheap price (and as we all know sometimes our life depends on it).

If you struggle with grammar, definitely check out Grammarly, it can serve as your online proof-reader that catches some obvious and not so obvious mistakes (and it’s completely free!)

Finally, if you would like to completely revamp your writing style top to bottom check out The Purdue Online Writing Lab, where you can learn all you need in order to become a proffessinal writer.

Artur from Menprovement is on a personal mission to master his life. As he's learning new things in the world of dating, and personal development, he will share the knowledge with the rest of the world.


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