3-Steps involved in Mobile Application Testing

The Apps Have It
What would we do without our apps? We use apps to order food, to pay our bills, to keep us entertained, to make our travel plans and to find love. Our phones have become an extra appendage on our bodies; there is nowhere that we can be without them. We use our phones to look at our apps, and we add new apps to our phones often. Since all of the following is true, we are living in an app developer’s dream world. Apps creation and configuration has become more straight forward, and there is a plethora of companies that service app creators. An app developer’s new idea can come to fruition in a relatively short period of time, and by using the right services and tools, it can have highly functional capabilities. The reverse is true as well. If an app developer does not use the right services, the app can be glitching and end up malfunctioning. Since high quality apps are what get the most downloads, app developers do well to follow a few steps in order to test their apps before launching.

#1 Become the User
When creating an app, a developer has to make sure that the app functions well from beginning to end. A good way to carry out mobile application testing is by becoming the user. Instead of using the app in the same manner that it was built, go through the entire user process from start to finish. Apart from that, it is wise to use your app on different devices and on different systems. By going through the user experience, the developer may also be able to see what issues might cause app abandonment and find innovative ways to avoid those issues.

#2 Use Family and Friends
Family and friends can be our best critics when it comes to apps, so they can serve as excellent test dummies. When they use the app, they can give constructive criticism. They can also give insight as to which parts of the app that they did not like; they can also give tips that could enhance the user experience.

#3 Use a Professional App Testing Company
When it comes to mobile app testing, a great option is a professional app testing company. These companies use test engineers in order to test applications. These are tests that are manual and automated, and they are tested on a variety of devices. These companies perform end-to-end verification, API call test, load testing, and robust test suites for Office and PDF files.

Don’t Lose Your Users
On average, smartphone users launch about 9 different apps per day. At the same time, 21% of apps are abandoned after the first time they are used. These apps are abandoned because they give a bad user experience due to crashes, glitches, poor checkout, and security concerns. In order to keep app users happy, apps must be tested and improved. Testing an app may mean that it will not get out to the public as fast, but it will mean that users will get the most out of the app, and they will use the app on a regular basis.

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