Every man needs his own space. We’re not just talking about a room where you can work on your novel from time to time and maybe play video games when you want to get really daring. No, we’re talking about a full-bore, high-octane man cave here. A place where you can do proper maintenance work, with tools and machines and other manly essentials. A place where you can relax when you want to, safe in the knowledge that no one will ever disturb you there. Yes, a garage. A beautiful, fully decked-out garage. And if you’re still not convinced here are three reasons why you absolutely need one in your life.

Work on a Big Project

Maybe you already have a garage. If so, do you keep your everyday car in there? Well, it’s time to toss it out. The number one reason to have a garage is to work on your Big Project. Please note the capital letters. This is the dream car or bike you want to restore. Or it could even be the model aeroplane or boat you’re building from scratch. Or a drone. Or a lean, mean fighting robot.

Whatever it is you’re working on, this is the thing that will provide you with immense satisfaction when it’s done. It may even make you a few dollars if you want to sell it and better your financial position. So, it’s worth investing in that garage and all the tools you’ll need, because the long-term benefits in terms of personal and financial satisfaction are oh-so sweet.

Service the Rest of Your Life

Have you ever watched a superhero film? Of course you have. And you’ll know that every hero worth his tights has a lair where rest, recuperation and essential maintenance work takes place. So, think of a garage as a springboard from which you can sort out everything else in your life. Charge up any Milwaukee tools and accessories you may have with professional battery charging gear from SGS, and that way you can save money in the long run. Maintain lawnmowers, chainsaws and any other equipment. Tinker with your PC. Supercharge your vacuum cleaner. The choice is yours, because this is your space.

Do Something Different

OK, OK, we’re not all mechanical geniuses. If your interests don’t fit into the category of “fixing stuff” you could still benefit from a garage. Where else could find such a great space blissfully separated from the rest of your house? Give the place a makeover by turning it into a gym, a science lab, a home cinema – the possibilities are endless. You could even start a business from there and make some serious cash in your free time.

So, for all the reasons above, you need a garage. Put it on your wish list and be prepared to do whatever it takes to get that space dedicated solely to you.


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