In our high paced society, it is almost impossible to not become stressed.

Even though some stress is necessary and useful in our day to day lives, when stress becomes chronic, it can affect our lives negatively.

Too much stress leads to anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and many other unwanted side effects.

We usually try to mitigate the effects of stress by resorting to prescription medication like Xanax or Valium. Even though those tend to work well and provide us with a desired sense of relief, it usually comes at a cost.

The cost involved in using over the counter medication is usually the side effects such as addiction as well as inability to develop a proper coping mechanism that would allow us to deal with stress without needing those drugs. We become hooked on them.

Fortunately, there are alternative medicines that can help us. Natural remedies tend to have far less unwanted side effects. They facilitate and help us to develop our own stress management strategies.

Here are 3 most popular alternative medicines you can use to deal with stress:



This well-known stress reliever is derived from green tea. It can take you from stressed and tensed to chilled out and relaxed in one cup of tea. On top of its awesome stress relieving properties, it also helps you to focus. Now we’re talking! 



Valerian herbs have been popularized by ancient Greeks and Romans. They already knew that if you’re suffering from insomnia or if you are tensed all you need to do is to use some valerian to arrive at a peaceful and tranquil state of mind.



Chamomile has too many good benefits to list here but if you feel jittery you should definitely consider drinking a cup of this liquid goodness. Not only will it calm your nerves, and reduce anxiety, but it will also help you with digestion and may decrease your headaches.


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