The world is a rapidly changing place, with old ideas being left behind forever, including outmoded ideas of manhood and what it means to be a man. Growing numbers of men across the globe are rejecting age old macho stereotypes and embracing manhood in a different, more sensitive, emotional and spiritual style. This affects how we dress, how we interact with each other, and how we eat and drink. A modern, liberated man puts quality first when it comes to the products he consumes, but here are three everyday products that now have classy varieties far removed to those available just a generation ago.


Rare and Craft Beers

Alcohol consumption is falling among young men, but they still recognise the pleasure and refreshment that can come from a cool, high quality bottle of beer. Many people feel that standard bottles of beer from the market dominating brands are a little, well, bland, but that’s why there’s an increasing trend towards the drinking of craft and rare beers that have been created with flavour as the main priority. Micro-brewed beers have a taste of their very own, and once tried many people don’t want to go back to mass produced drinks. To find the very best craft and micro-brewed beers, take a look at the selection on Rare Beer Club reviews.


Fruit Drinks

It’s important to eat enough fruit and vegetables a day to ensure your body gets all the vitamins and nutrients it needs, with food experts saying we should consume anything from five to ten portions every day. Natural fruit juices such as freshly squeezed orange juice have often been used to supply one of these portions, but while it’s certainly healthier than artificially manufactured carbonated drinks, these drinks often have a very high sugar content. That’s one reason that many men now prefer a different kind of fruit drink that is just as refreshing but less calorific. Coconut water and watermelon water are perfect examples of this, and as well as being high in natural anti-oxidants they also have a subtle yet distinctive taste.


Purple Foodstuffs

Purple is an eye-catching colour that’s long been associated with royalty; thanks in part to how expensive it once was to have anything died in this shade; now purple is everywhere, and especially in our foodstuffs. High class supermarkets now sell purple potatoes, cauliflower, kale, and broccoli. Recent years have also seen a rise in demand for the purple heritage carrot, but in fact this is the vegetable’s original colour. The orange carrot we’re so familiar with today resulted from selective breeding of the crop in the 17th century as a tribute to the Dutch House of Orange.

Rare beers, fruit waters and purple foodstuffs have all increased rapidly in popularity throughout this decade, and as well as tasting great and looking great in Instagram photos it is also claimed that they bring health benefits when compared to their more mundane forbears. They’re visible signs of the changing world around us, but as modern men across Europe and beyond have found, change is good.


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