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With 2017 kicking into full gear, it is time to start reevaluating our popular fashion trends. This year there are some great new topics to feature, as well as some of the best from previous years.

For anybody who wants to keep up with the mens fashion trends 2017 has to offer us, keep reading on as we will break down the hottest and most popular topics in today’s mens fashion scene.

Professional Retro

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If a professional look is what you are after, you don’t have to wear the same white shirt and black tie any more. This look has been used up over the years. What hasn’t been used up is the Professional Retro look, because it offers men a new look which connects historic fashion trends to the modern business world.

In the professional world, men can have a habit of being too conservative with their dress. As we can see here, you can dress stylish and professional without having to resort to the same ol’ same ol’.

Fashion to Save Lives

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One great thing that has started to trend this year is that a lot of people are starting to become more conscious about how they can pitch in to save the planet. Endangered Apparel has apparently received enough success as a brand to be able to start donating a good chunk of their profits to saving the lives of endangered animals.

If you want to sport some nice t-shirts, polos, or jewelry which saves lives, Endangered Apparel seems to be the best choice for 2017. If anything, you receive some stylish clothing to support your active lifestyle. As a plus, you will be saving the lives of endangered species.

Contrasting Shirt Pockets

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Sometimes the smallest accentuations are the biggest boosters of style. Lately, a lot of men have started sporting shirts with contrasting pockets. These shirts can be found from a variety of different brands and at an array of different popular fashion stores.

If you want to keep up with one of the hottest fashion trends at a cheaper price, just buy a few t-shirts with colorful pockets. After all, they add an extra pocket, one which is attractive and stylish. What can go wrong?

Socks to Stick Out

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This trend doesn’t necessarily require that you dress professionally, but it does tend to work best with pants, otherwise you will stick out a little too much. Many men have begun wearing colorful socks like this initially because the feel was better, but then it stuck around because of its stylish look.

No matter what your occasion is, consider adding some colorful socks to your wardrobe to add some personal touch and flavor to your fashion. Oh, and they are always great conversation starters with the ladies.

Spring Scarf

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With summertime right around the corner, it can be a little dull waiting for the warm weather. In the meantime, consider getting a Spring Scarf to allow you to stay stylish without having to bundle up too much on the colder days.

Spring Scarves can be a replacement for a coat in many circumstances, and are great for the days that you simply do not want to wear a heavy coat. Of course, they are also great for the days where you need the extra bundling, but don’t want to sacrifice your personal look.

The Untied Bow

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Bowties have received quite a bit of attention in the past. However, if you are wanting to have a formal look which requires a little less setup, with the same good look, try sporting the Untied Bow.

The bowtie is a really old fashion trend, dating all the way back to the 1600s. In 2017, we can still wear them with style, but less people are continuing the follow the same ol’ used up ideas that have been carried over for 100s of years.

The Return of the Beard

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Either because of “No-Shave November,” utter laziness, or personal preference, men have started growing their beard out again, and in large numbers. This is excellent news, because after all, who likes shaving every day?

If you want to keep up with this trend, just be sure to keep your beard clean. You don’t need to shave every day, but a trim every once in awhile will never hurt. The more crisply cut your beard is, the more attractive and trendy it will be.

Mens Fashion Trends 2017

These are just a few of the latest fashion trends 2017 has to offer us. If you are looking for some more ideas, just remember that the best fashion trend is the one that fits you and your style.

Bio: Mike is the co-founder of Endangered Apparel. A fashion brand designed to help endangered animals. For every product purchased, Endangered Apparel will donate 20% of proceeds to an animal sanctuary. For example, after purchasing our Koala emblem shirt, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to a Koala Sanctuary.

They launched their initial clothing line in two colors, black and white. This is a symbolization of the balance that needs to be restored in the animal kingdom. The Yin and Yang. The color scheme also represents one of the most endangered animals in the world, the panda.

Endangered Apparel was founded by two American animal activists who love every creature placed on this earth. We plan to help endangered species while distributing high quality apparel.

Mike has been surrounded by nature ever since he was a young child. He grew up in a neighborhood encompassed by wildlife and nature. His love for animals and nature continued to grow while traveling to over 60 countries around the world. On his journey he has been able to visit multiple animal sanctuaries and develop his knowledge and compassion for animals and endangered species. While on this journey, Mike thought of the idea to start a brand to help endangered animals. After discussing the idea with Branon, Endangered Apparel was formed.

Branon grew up close to nature in rural great lakes town. Spending a good deal of his childhood exploring the local woods and nature preserves. His fascination with animals began at a young age when wildlife conservationist came to his elementary school to talk about the ongoing efforts to save the timber wolves that were endangered from over hunting. Lucky the timber wolves are no longer endangered and Branon hopes that Endangered Apparel will be able to help more unique wildlife around from around the world for future generations to enjoy.


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