People tend to trust larger businesses over smaller ones for the simple reason that they provide products or services for more people. However, not all businesses can go through a rapid expansion and grow to the point where they’re going to attract people based on their brand. But what smaller businesses can do is to create a perception where they seem larger than they actually are. Appearing more serious is one of the best ways to earn people’s trust, while in reality, you might be running the business from your garage. Here are 20 tips on how to have people see your business as more serious.


Your email address tells a lot about your business. If you have an email address that looks like “”, anyone can tell that your company might be smaller. Have your emails be larger, but also always add a surname, or at least initials, to add a touch of seriousness to your email.


When communicating with customers through phone or email, always insist that your assistant will handle whatever needs handling. Most decision makers in larger businesses have assistants, so this will immediately make you look like one.


Your website is the single best way to influence your customer’s perception today. Try to do what the big boys do and have a lot of content on your website. Also, always write about yourself as “We” instead of “I”, as that will mean that there are more people behind your brand.


Build a social media fan base. Businesses that have more followers, likes and shares will appear as larger than those that have a minimal number of these.


Create promotional videos. People tend to assume that only larger companies have the money and the need to create these, while it’s extremely affordable today even for individuals to do the same.


When scheduling anything related to clients, always do it for a few days ahead or even the next week. Even if you have the time right now, it’s more beneficial for you to appear busy.


Have your email signature filled with relevant information about you and your business, from your fax to social networks. Also, try to include a confidentiality notice, as it will make you appear more serious.


Publish reviews and testimonials. We live in an age where people rarely buy anything without reading a review first, and having lots of them will make you appear as a larger company.


Hire a professional designer to come up with a cool logo. This will go a long way to present you as a serious business, and it’s going to pay off eventually.


Join an association that’s specific to your niche. Organizations like these carry a seal of approval when it comes to seriousness, so you can use this to gain more credibility with your customers.


Big companies use press releases to make announcements, which is why you’ll want to do the same if you’re looking to appear larger.


Offer a purpose instead of selling a product. Larger companies always focus on something that benefits their customers, like Elon Musk is trying to do with his companies. Many entrepreneurs pick this up when they sign up for business and leadership coaching.


Go to meetups regarding your niche. This is one of the best ways to put your pitch to the test and you might meet valuable influencers that can help you boost your reputation.


Use a service like Google Alerts to let you know whenever your brand’s name is mentioned. This will allow you to track what’s being said and just how well you’re doing.


Be humble. Customers tend to distrust businesses that are too cocky, which is why you’ll always want to appear as humble.


If you have a very small business, you can give yourself a title that’s in the middle of the chain (even if you’re in charge). This will automatically mean that there are more people above and below you in the chain.


You can set up virtual offices in other cities to appear larger than you actually are. This will also let you penetrate the local markets with ease.


Have a graphic designer to create a professional email template for you and your business. This will differentiate you from the rest of the small businesses.


Write an e-book highlighting your expertise in the field. Not only will people trust you more, but you’ll also get the chance to promote your company on dozens of websites. Not to mention that you can even win an award or two to further help you out.


Give away free stuff. This shouldn’t be something that’s going to rip you off, but giving away your e-book for free is a good way to start. Larger companies do this all the time, so you’ll be able to appear like you’re one of the big guys.

Bottom Line

There’s a huge difference between a serious business and the one that’s obviously small. People’s trust is hard to earn these days, so appearing like you’re a larger company is one of the best ways to get more people to trust your brand. Retaining these people is another problem and is completely up to you, but you shouldn’t have any problems if you do everything by the book.


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