unmanly activities that will make you a better man

unmanly activities

What makes a man manly? Is it how much he can bench-press or how great of a mustache he can grow? Or is it deeper than that?

“Manly men” are typically seen partaking in activities such as chopping wood or killing dinner for the evening. But there are many “unmanly” activities that can have a profound effect on one’s life and manliness.

Even though some of these activities do not seem it, they truly are some of the manliest of all.


1) Cooking

For years it has been common belief amongst manly men that the kitchen should be left to the wife. But with evolving times, more men a flocking to the kitchen, and for good reason.

Being able to cook an up class meal is an attractive skill for any man, especially a single man. There is nothing sexier to a lady than bringing her to your place for a date while you cook her up a three course meal.

romantic dinner

On top of already displaying incredible value, a home cooked date has the benefit of a much higher likely hood of her staying the night, or at least receiving some compensation for your services.

And if she’s not there for dinner, but comes home after the bar, an impressive breakfast will make sure she is up for seconds.

So pop on the food network and take something in. Even if you only learn to cook 1 solid go to meal, this will have a profound effect on your dating life.

2) Reading

Reading is something that I never even though about for the first 23 years of my life. Growing up, boys don’t like to read, its common fact. But there comes a point in every man life where this should take a shift.

The amount of books available for 18+ year old men to expand their skill sets and knowledge of the world is astounding.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, you have books like The Four Hour Work Week & Think and Grow Rich

For men looking to get the edge in sex & dating there’s books like The Multi-Orgasmic Male.

And for men who like to take their body & lives to the limit there’s The Four Hour Body & How to Travel the World for $50 a day.

There’s so many books out there that will help you become a better man. And there is truly nothing unmanly about reading them.

More awesome self improvement books:

1) The Four Hour Chef

2) What Every Body Is Saying

3) The Slight Edge

Even more..

3) Yoga & stretching

Your back hurts, your knees are killing you & you find it hard to even keep up with playing with your kids. Its common place. I’m 24 years old and I already have had multiple issues with lower back pains, sidelining me from playing any sports for over a year. This was all until I started taking yoga and stretching daily.

As unmanly as it sounds, yoga benefits men in incredible ways.

For starters, you’ll find that through flexibility training and yoga strengthening postures, that your old injuries will start to disappear. Being able to get back out and play with your kids is priceless and motivation enough to get you into a yoga class.

For single guys, yoga classes are packed with flexible, in shape and good-looking women. It’s a breeding ground for finding dates and meeting your future wife. Just don’t be that sleazy guy who’s stares at girls uncomfortably from the back of class.

yoga pose

This is happening in yoga classes daily. Still think its gay?

4) Cleaning

This applies strongly to single bachelors. Cleaning can and should become your best friend.

There is nothing worse than meeting a beautiful girl, getting her to come back to your place and then having her disgusted with your apartment.

As a bachelor your pad should be fresh and clean, and not just for the ladies sake.

bachelor pad 2

Regardless or dating, a clean space is essential for success. It lowers stress, allows you to think clearly & honestly just makes me feel good.

This and the fact that girls will want to come over constantly, makes cleaning one of the manliest things a single man can do.

5) Shopping

Shopping is a universal girly activity. “Let’s go shopping! should probably never come out of a man’s mouth to his good bro’s, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect it entirely.

There are a ton of great reasons why you should get out and do some more shopping.

1) Dressing clean is a fast track to improving confidence

No matter what your style, you should dress clean and present your self in a professional manner. Its a key trait of successful people and can make a huge difference in your life. Look at David Beckham, no matter where he is, he is always looking sharp.


Lewis Howes stated in his most recent “The School of Greatness” Podcast, “Dressing clean will make you a more confident person over time.”

Victor Pride mentions it continuously on his website, Boldanddetermined.com, “Always dress sharp.”

And i’m telling you now. Always dressing clean and sharp will improve your life dramatically. Its so easily overlooked, but so easy to control.

If you’ve got money, shop GILT or better yet use TrunkClub. If you don’t, Shop Jackthreads. Or just head to our pinterest style page, get inspired & head out to the mall.

You’ve got to control what you can in this world, and dressing sharp is one of them.

2) People will think higher of you

People assume you to be a more confident, in control man, when you are dressed sharp. You will gain respect, close more deals & ultimately gain even more confidence.

3) Women respect a well dressed man

A man who dresses well for himself and not to impress women almost always has girls coming after him.

4) Investing money on nice clothes is investing in yourself.

How many times have you heard it, “invest in yourself.” Investing in a clean wardrobe is investing in yourself. Your outer appearance shapes how people view and interact with you. Invest in yourself, go shopping.

In conclusion

These “unmanly” activities can all have a big impact on your life. Whether you’re single or married, every one of these will help you grow.

And who gives a shit what other guys think, do what you need to do to excel your life the furthest. If that means putting on a pink tutu everyday then fuck it. But it doesn’t, it just means you may have to partake in some things you once considered girly. Because at the end of the day, all that matters is that you are the best possible version of yourself.


Got any other unmanly activities you like to partake in? Let us know below! And don’t forget to subscribe for email updates.


  1. This article is absolutely silly. None of those things you listed are unmanly, except perhaps for the shopping part, which is a waste of time. The world’s top chefs? All men. Reading has always been a trademark of upper class men and of learned gentlemen. Stretching is what any strong male athlete does. Cleanliness is a virtue any boy scout knows. Being a drunken illiterate slob who doesn’t know how to dress or take care of himself is the feminist’s warped portrayal of modern men that unfortunately guys like you have internalized. Men were good at being actually manly for a long time before we were demonized in modern society.

  2. None of that is really unmanly. Life is too deep to fumble over silly distinction such as that, anyways.

    Traditionally, historically, yoga is a man’s thing. Women were purposely excluded, for the most part. The thing is that it was utilized by soldiers. It isn’t just about the physical benefits to muscles, organs, general circulation, and such. A man who has no control over his mind and no patience can never function as well in anything as the one who meditates regularly and supplements it with exercises that assist the breath. The breath is our most powerful tool. Any top athlete and person deeply into meditation will tell you this.


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