With time, sex tends to lose its heat and intensity because of the same repeated schedule every time you get intimate. The importance of a good sex life is something that hardly anyone would deny because the fact is that sex is just AMAZING. Sex not only helps to elevate your mood but also turns out to be a really good exercise.

A good sex session helps in an enormous amount of release of endorphins which fill you with joy, so it is simple to understand why you’d be interested in making your sex life more fun and intense. Here are some of the best ways to take your sexual intimacy to a next level and ensure a great relationship with your partner:


Discuss the intimacy with your partner

You cannot expect to have a great sex unless you and your partner have a clear understanding of what intimacy means to both of you. This will not only help you both to understand each other but will also remove the sexual tension.

Discuss with each other what arouses you the most, how you want things to flow when you’re in the bed and also listen to their part as well. Work on establishing a mutual understanding so that you both can have a clear idea about the kind of intimacy you both are aiming at, thus making it easier for you to achieve.

Set the right environment

It is pretty simple to understand that sexual pleasure is highly related to the kind of environment you have around you while you’re getting intimate. It’s really tough to connect with each other if the phones are buzzing annoyingly every now and then. It’s better to turn off all the electronics items when you’re planning to have sex. Also, you can light some candles and set romantic music so that the moments can become more intimate. And most important, a eco friendly mattress would be a big plus.


Don’t be in a hurry to get naked

It is obvious that you’d want to rip off each other’s clothes when you’re horny. However, hold on and let the sexual tension build between you and your partner and you’ll be amazed to see the results in the moments that will follow. Engage in foreplay for a little longer and learn to explore each other’s body before reaching the penetration stage.


Talk during sex

Most of the couples admit that conversation during sex proves to be a gateway to extremely heated sexual experience. Tell each other how you feel when your partner kisses you and touches the various parts of your body. You can also guide your partner verbally telling him/her how you want things to flow during these moments.


Make eye contact

Believe it or not but the fact is that eye contact during sex is extremely erotic. Usually it takes time to be comfortable enough to maintain the eye contact. However, the shyness tends to fade away gradually as you dive into deeper levels of intimacy.


Try keeping the lights on

Most of the couples have the habit of having sex at night after turning off all the lights and as a result they both do not get to see each other during their intimate moments. If you’ve also been following the same, it’s the right time to change that. Try to have sex during the daytime or just turn on the lights and look at each other’s bodies as you two connect with each other.


Masturbate mutually

Pleasing yourself in front of your partner can be extremely seducing for both of you. If you haven’t tried it yet, now you know what to do when you’re about to have sex the next time.


Experiment with kink

You need to explore that kinky side of your own and your partner. You can choose to go to a sex store and buy something that you both find seductive.


Don’t just focus on penis/vagina

Of course, sex inevitably requires the involvement of penis and vagina but that doesn’t mean you’re going to ignore other erogenous zones of the body. Concentrate on other parts as well like earlobe, neck, chest, belly, thighs etc.


Be in the moment

An intense sex session requires the two persons to be really into the moment. This simply means that you need to stop thinking about the work in the office, what you’re planning to prepare for breakfast tomorrow or any other crap.


Try something new

One of the best ways to make sex more intense is to try something new each time you get involved in it. There are a lot of new sex positions that you’ve been missing all this while. Go try them out and spice up your sex life.



It can finally be concluded that you can improve the quality of sex by following these tips. However, make sure to always get involved in safe sex. Disposal of the used condom in a proper manner can be one of the eco friendly choices of 2018 that you need to implement.


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