When considering the topic of writing sphere a person should clarify whether it is an ambition to become a successful essay writer, to work as a freelancer in the sphere or it is only about studying process. If you need a couple of essays for your school, college, or university, and essay writing is not your cup of tea, you can rely on essay writing service which provides students with custom essays on various topics.  However, if you prefer doing these assignments yourselves and if you really want to get necessary skills that would be helpful, you have come to the right place. Here are 10 tactics on how to become a better essay writer.


Way # 1. To know a lot

Whatever you are going to write about, you have to study the subject and collect enough information. Sometimes a writer can do quite a strange thing, such as to hold their breath and to stay underwater in order to check how long a person can do this, or to turn off the light and walk around the room trying to remember what one can see. Do not think that you should do all of these crazy things, but you should read, communicate, consider some facts, and form your own point of view regarding the topic.


Way # 2. To read

It follows from the above that reading is quite a useful thing if you want to write better. Firstly, it is a source of information, and, secondly, you can perceive how other writers achieve their success. Do you like some particular topic, style, or genre? Try to realize how they manage to capture your imagination, what specific tools they use. Of course, I do not mean plagiarism or emulating, however, it can be assumed as a normal practice to learn from someone.


Way # 3. To write

Though it can be really difficult, you should start and write essays on your favorite topics. Also, do not avoid critics and ask your friends or relatives read it. Do not get angry at the critique, as it is really very helpful for every writer. Listen to the comments and improvements suggested by your readers. It would be nice to have someone competent in this sphere to read your essays as well.


Way # 4. Take a relevant course

To gain and grab useful knowledge any student can search on the Internet for a reliable and informative course and learn relevant information online. You can find a wide variety of resources to help you learn the needed subject. For example, this one from Coursera is rather interesting, useful, and easy https://ru.coursera.org/learn/getting-started-with-essay-writing. So do not hesitate and get ready to learn!


Way # 5. Keep in mind some ready-made parts

If you prepare for your exams including such an assignment as an essay, you can make a list of interesting quotations, proverbs etc. Learn it by heart and use in your exam essay. Besides, you can prepare even some variants of introductions or conclusions in advance. For example, write some generalized sentences about a role of the family and friends in our life. Learn it by heart, and you will be able to use it for those topics connected with the influence of the family and friends, the generation gap, the modern youth, etc.


Way # 6. Do not try to teach people

Most people do not like being taught, so do not pretend to be wiser than others. This, however, does not mean that you should not defend your point of view. You can always do it in a smoother way: give proves, examples, explanations. It is always better to provide evidence to support the point of view.


Way # 7. Visual images

We perceive about 70 – 80 % of all the information with the help of our vision, so when writing an essay try to describe a situation precisely, helping your reader to visualize the situation. That is why those images that can be easily created in our mind are worth describing.


Way # 8. Surrounding is important

Create an atmosphere that would fuel your imagination, skills, thoughts etc. Everything is important including such practical aspects as normal light, a comfortable chair (sofa, bench in the garden) as well as some features that can inspire you. If you are writing an essay about animals, photos of pets or these pets themselves will be helpful. If your topic is connected with Africa, use pictures of its indigenous population. So try to learn the topic precisely and use all of the learned information in your paper.


Way # 9. Do not let your guard down

Well-written essays are often a result of inspiration. And you can get inspiration at any moment, let us say while walking in the park, working in the garden, traveling by train etc. So, you should be prepared for this in order not to lose it. Carry a notebook and a pen around with you to fix your ideas if necessary.


Way # 10. Do not give up on your creativity

Sometimes it is not enough just to write something. If you want to paint, paint pictures in the margins, if you want to draw a map, draw it, if you want to fantasize about the topic, you can do this. Think outside the box!

Nowadays you can grab lots of useful knowledge to succeed in the sphere of writing essays. Do not forget to use all of the previously mentioned advice to advance your writing skills. Summing up everything, it is significant to mention that essay writing is not as primitive and easy as it can seem. There are some simple tips following which ones can make you a successful essay writer. Also developing your skills, you can become a reporter, a writer, a blogger, having a college essay as a starting point. So, do not hesitate and try your best, while getting professional assistance from reliable resources.


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