10 Resources That Can Help A Newbie Learn About Cryptocurrencies

While there was a lot of media buzz around cryptocurrencies in 2017, the truth is that only a small portion of the global population know much about them.  In fact, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, many people only know about bitcoin, and even for this popular crypto coin, not many know how to transact in it. In case you fall under the category of people who are still green when it comes to cryptocurrencies, here is a list of the top 10 resources you can use to educate yourself about them. They are well-rated resources, and offer concrete, and up to date information about cryptocurrencies.


This is one of the best websites to visit when looking for information on cryptocurrencies. It contains detailed information on different aspects of the cryptocurrency industry, including analysis of individual cryptocurrency coins. You will also love the fact that this site discusses cryptocurrency trends and price movements in a real-time chat, allowing you to make the best trades possible at any given time. This coupled with a chat forum where you can make contributions and ask questions makes hashtag investing the go-to site for anyone looking to learn about cryptocurrencies. Learn more about hashtag on http://www.hashtaginvesting.com.


Reddit is one of the most proactive, and up-to-date cryptocurrency forums you can find. The best part about Reddit is that it has well informed contributors who are always ready to give detailed information on any cryptocurrency out there. Besides, you can always learn more about an individual cryptocurrency from the different sub-Reddits that focus on single cryptos. For instance, if you would like to learn more about Ethereum, you can do so via the Ethereum sub-Reddit, https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/.


This is a news site that aggregates real time information on hundreds of cryptocurrencies to come up with detailed, and up-to date information. By visiting the coin spectator website, https://coinspectator.com/ you can learn a lot about the latest trends in crypto world, and make informed investment decisions.


One of the best ways to learn about cryptocurrencies and make informed investment decisions is to check out their market capitalization. The higher the market capitalization of a cryptocurrency, the higher the chances that it is a good investment. You can access this vital information on the coin market cap website, https://coinmarketcap.com/ where the market capitalization of different cryptos is analyzed in real-time.


If you are looking to understand cryptocurrencies well, you need to first understand the technology behind them, and that’s blockchain. There is no better place to learn about blockchain technology than from the book mastering bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos. In this book, Andreas explores blockchain, and how it relates to decentralized currencies such as bitcoin.


This is one the best books for someone who has zero knowledge of cryptocurrencies. That’s because, it is written in an easy to understand manner, while at the same time exploring the different aspects of the cryptocurrency industry, including ICOs. Chris is a crypto asset manager, which gives him the information leverage required to teach crypto concepts in a simple manner.


Udemy is known for its experts who are always ready to share knowledge in their lines of expertise. This world-renowned learning platform has not been left behind on cryptocurrencies.  For as low as $10 you can buy a well-explained cryptocurrencies course on Udemy and you won’t regret it. A particular one that we highly recommend is the one by Sam Capizzi. It is the number 1 rated crypto course on Udemy! 


Investopedia is well-known for explaining finance and economics concepts in a manner that the layman can understand. If you read a number of cryptocurrency related articles on Investopedia, you will become informed on digital currencies, and how to best invest in them for maximum returns.


Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency by market capitalization, and also the most popular with investors. As such, understanding bitcoin can open the way to a better understanding of the other cryptocurrencies in the market, and that’s where bitcoin forum comes in.  Through this forum, you will learn a lot from investors and bitcoin enthusiasts, who are all ready to share their ideas on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Is there a better way to learn about cryptocurrencies than from the bitcoin framework that gave birth to them all? By reading the bitcoin whitepaper, you will have a clear understanding of how blockchain chain works, and how you can interact with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the market.
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