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4 Amazing Reasons You Should Be Using a Rebounder Right Now

By now you’ve probably heard the importance of morning exercise. Aside from allowing our bodies to warm up for the day ahead, it releases a cascade of feel-good hormones, oxygenates our cells, and...

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Valentino Kohen : 6 Master Keys to Get Intimate With Any Girl

In this episode of The Menprovement Podcast I speak with Valentino Kohen. Valentino spills the secrets of dating mastery, elegantly putting all the concepts that he learned over the years into 6...

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How to create a deep connection with someone

Being able to create a deep connection with someone is a skill that most have forgotten about. The inability to connect with others is an expensive price we pay. In this article I’m going to...

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Are You Magnetically Attractive? One Trait All Women Want In Men

Sit down my son – I’m going to tell you all about being magnetically attractive, and what it is that women really look for in men. Now, some of this stuff is going to seem very simple, and...

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3 Lessons To Get In A Winning Mental State And Crush It In Life

I’m a trader. The first time I ever attempted to trade I was 18 years old. I was so impatient to place the first trade, and hopefully make tons of money. But somehow, it didn’t work that way…...

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